*Wedding Wednesday* ~ A Unique Twist on Flowers

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Can you tell if a flower is fake without touching it? I thought I could, but now I’m not so sure. The first time I saw Elfi Curtis’ work I found myself staring at it without really knowing why. Elfi (which yes, is a really cool name) is the creative genius behind Fairy Tales of Flowers, a floral-design business she started in 2011 which uses what she refers to as “fresh-cut, real-touch” flowers. I had an opportunity last week to photograph some of Elfi’s work at Tita’s Linens by Claudia in downtown Davenport before sitting down and chatting with her.

floral design photo

floral design photo

Elfi says one of the important things about wedding decorations is that they mirror the personality of the bride and groom: “I work with the bride. I help the bride to make her ideas a reality.” This reality is based on Elfi’s questions to her clients about color, jewelry, table decorations and style.

floral design photo

But to understand how and why Elfi came to choose the work she does now you have to go back in time. Hailing from Germany, Elfi has a background as a decorator and designer that began in 1989 working for a Dutch design company in her home country and the Netherlands. She worked on designs in showrooms, weddings, hotels and also was an event planner. Elfi then decided to go back to school, and got jobs in the software and engineering fields. After further schooling, Elfi and her husband moved to the U.S. in 2009 where he works at the Rock Island Arsenal. However, Elfi loved design work and wanted to start fresh, bringing the European influences of floral design to weddings locally.

floral design photo

floral design photo

And she’s done just that. But keep in mind this isn’t your average artificial decor. I spent more time than I care to admit feeling some of the bouquets and just… wondering about them. Elfi’s flowers aren’t something you’d find at the local craft store. More than half of her inventory – flowers, leaves and accents – come from Germany or the Netherlands: “I don’t work with fake,” she said.

floral design photo

The natural, fresh feel of her flowers allows her to be more creative with her bouquets, adding various accents in her designs you wouldn’t usually see in otherwise traditional bundles.

floral design photo

And the investment couples make on their floral decor says Elfi will be money well spent: “You have the flowers for the rest of your life.”

All the best to Elfi, and I thank her for her time with me. Make sure to check out Elfi’s Facebook page to learn more.

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